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I Don't Care

by Paulie Rhyme x Cai Beatz



produced by Cai Beatz. Raps by Paulie Rhyme. Intro by J Rocc


Just two dope brothers with some inspiration. Have a great year!!


Now some barely trying to walk in they own shoes,
So they never see it as a win,
When we walk through,
Even if it's paper thin, gotta read between the lines,
See that crack and that shine, find that light then rewind,

Move through that space and time,
Whether home or otherwise,
Find that truth and i'm hanging my hat,
For the youth ain`t no bringing it back,
To natives you just a hater,
Not saving the culture,
Got to meet them in the middle,

And save ya shots for them vultures,
In them suits or them suites in a dad cap,
Give you a range to the black,
My experience is what I spit,
Mix it up, let it sit, marinate on crate,
Or a wall or skyscraper,

You might see us in the clouds,
Beyond a party or politics,
Beyond intel or ignorance,
Some credentials is not official in the meaning life,
Trying to be a good human
Listen more to my wife,

Word Life…

So when I'm walking through these streets
Understand it`s not mine,
It`s a choice and privilege,
Some would die for this feeling,
I might've have died if I stayed,
So I moved in a way,
That I own and I've grown,
But never get this thing twisted,

Same skin, same feeling,
When I step on the train,
On the other side of tracks,
See that look in the eyes,
Might be fear or surprise,
I`m the other and a guy,
It's the same where I'm from,
But there was pain where I`m from,

And the pain that it caused
Maybe far and between,
Not here to start new,
Just trying to be who I be,
And that mask that I wore
for so long in the states,
Mother soil touch my face,
And it shattered from the weight,

So different place, same Face,
Same skin, same rhyme,
if you want to know me, it might take some time,
Met some homies who is down and some fam who is not,
But one things for sure man,
I live Hip Hop...


released January 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Paulie Rhyme Handa, Japan

PAULIE RHYME (ポーリー・ライム) is a Japan based; Bay Area/Cleveland bred emcee and producer, who has been crafting uplifting, feel good music for the past few decades. Working with artists from the US to Japan, and everywhere in between, his has had his music placed in movies, TV shows, and video games. Outside of music, PR is an educator, teaching and learning daily.

Thank you for your support!!

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